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Yao Ming, one of the greatest basketball players, has fans from all over the world. He was born in 1980, 12th September in Shanghai. His father is a common worker, who is very strict with him. Yao Ming fell in love with basketball at a very young age.

Since Yao Ming joined NBA in 2002 , the discussion about if he can be a super star has never been terminated. As we know , Yao is a quite high and strong player in NBA. And depending on his height and weight ,Yao can contorl the restricted

Yao Ming is a famous basketball player. Yao Ming was born in Shanghai in September 12, 1980. Because his parents were basketball players, so hewas fond of basketball. He was a teenager in Shanghai sharks basketball club. In 2002, playing in

自从2002年加入NBA的姚明,如果他可以讨论 一个超级明星从未被终止.正如我们所知,姚明是一个相当 又高又壮的球员在NBA.并凭借他的身高和 contorl重量,姚可以轻易的禁区就像奥尼尔. 除了他的身体,他的技术比其他的更全面 中

do you know yaoming? the famous basketball star? let me tell you! yaoming was born on december 12,1980 in china.he is 2.26m tall. when he was 18 years old, he became a member of china bsketball star 2000,he joined the national

YaoMing YaoMIng, a Chinese eminent figure in the filed of basketball, who plays for the Houston Rockets of NBA in the U.S.A.. YaoMing rose his fame swiftly after he went to America. Since then, There was an increasing number of people who

Yaoming,who's a famous breaketball player . He is working hard every .At 6 o'clock he will get up. And half an hour he would running with his friends.About 8 o'clock it is his breadfast time . After half an hour he would listen to music ,and half past night

September 12, 1980, Yao was born in Shanghai 6th Hospital. His parents were basketball players, 2.08 meters tall father Yao Zhiyuan, who played at the Shanghai Men's Basketball; mother, Fang Feng Di height of 1.88 meters, is 70 years China's

姚明(Yao Ming) Yao Ming is my favourite basketball player. He is 25 years old now, and he is from Shanghai. He is tall and has short hair. He's very strong. The basketball fans call him flying man in China. He likes playing basketball, reading

Yao Ming was born in Shanghai in 1980. The United States of America NBA and world basketball superstar. Chinese basketball history the milepost type character. Yao Ming became the East-West cultural bridge, with the individual influence there was no parallel in history.望采1653纳.版权

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