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Michael Jordan From Beijing to Bucharest people like Michael Jordan. So when he suddenly retired last week, the news was reported around the world. Michael Jordan is widely considered as basketball's best player. He becomes known as Air

I told my friends I would come here to say “thank you” then walked off. I can't, it's no way. I get so many people I can thank. In all the videos, you never just saw me, also Scottie Pippen and the championship we won. I've got a lot of questions

Jordan was born in 1936 in New York, as a child are not tall Buaishuohua. However, he was known for the beginning of the University of North Carolina, he's acrobatic style of basketball into the campaign to force the pace and again and again into

The flier” a Jordan - - collection is graceful, the strength, art, ability in a body's remarkable athlete, he has redefined the NBA superstar's meaning extemporaneously, he is the world recognition best basketball athlete, not only in he locates that time,

The God in Youth: Michael Jordan There were already signs that he had a good deal of talent. Harvest Smith, a classmate and close friend who in those days played basketball with him practically every day, thought he was the best player on their History: Michael Jordan Full Name: Michael Jeffrey Jordan Born: 2/17/63 in Brooklyn, NY Drafted by: Chicago Bulls, 1984 Transactions: Retired, 10/6/93; Activated from retirement, 3/18/95; Retired, 1/13/99; Signed with Washington

English name: Michael Jordan Gender: Male Nationality: United States Height: 1.98 meters Weight: 98.1 kilograms 100 meters score: 10.7 seconds Vertical bouncing: 43 inches Long jump score: 7.5 m above Date of Birth :1963-2-17 (Sunday)

Never Say Never I told my friend I would come here to say "thank you" then walk off.I can't, there is no way.I got so many people I can thank. In all the videos,you never just saw me,also Scottie Pippen and the championship I won. I've got a lot of

michael jordan michael jordanfrom hoopedia jump to: navigation, search by acclamation, michael jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time. although, a summary of his basketball career and influence on the game inevitably fails to do it justice

看看是不是你需要的Basketball Hero Retires Chicago's most famous figure before the 1980s was the gangster,Al“Scarface”Capone.But in the last two decades Chicago Bulls basketball star Michael Jordan has knocked the legendary crime boss

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