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I have a friend by the name of Huang, i knew him sincere we are still childhood, we stay nearby, we have some kind of similarity, both of us like football,computer games,watching animation movies, we also likes fast food likes kentucky fried chicken

My friend is Dave, he is a lively boy 12 years old this year, he is very tall, and very strong. Saturday in the park, he played with m

lily is my friend. we have many things in common. but in somethings we are different. lily is more outgoing than me. though we botn like sports. she is taller than me and she is more athletic . however,we both like take bus to school. i don't think

My friend Jay and I My friend Jay is a very cute boy and i am just an average person.But my study is better than him and he really hates to learn.Jay is a tall boy however i am a short one.I do not like to wear my hair long nevertheless Jay relishes to

I have many good friends,Lily is one of the best.We play together since we two were very young.She is such a pretty girl that when people meet her,they always pat her little head and say Lily is also very brave.I remember one evening two weeks ago,

i have many friends, but jim is one of my best friends. he is not handsome, but kind-hearted. we know each other at primary school. he was the tallest in our class at that time. he is good at study and playing basketball, while bad at playing table tennis

I have a good friend, our biggest difference is that character, I was a particularly shy person, is that front, I will be particularly shy, very few will say a few words. And he is a particularly lively and cheerful person, things Taidalielie, in front of humor funny,



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