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思考的英文:think.相关用法:Think词义解析:1、相信;觉得;思考 I don't think I will get the job.我认为我不会获得这份工作.2、思考,考虑(动脑筋决定做某事) I'm thinking of taking up running.我在考虑去跑步.词组搭配:1、think sth up

思考 think

翻译如下:思考 [think;think carefully;deeply through;ponder over] 思索、考虑 例句:我们思考问题倾向于绝对化.We tend to think in absolutes.

思考 think, think about, reflections

thinking 思考的

第一句:We can read to gather knowledge,but must use reflection to separate chaff and millet.第二句:Literary writing should be concise,simple style of beautiful.差不多是这样译的.

思考 - think deeply; ponder over; reflect on比如,思考问题 - ponder a problem

我很累,每天都有那么多的事情要思考的英文翻译_百度翻译我很累,每天都有那么多的事情要思考 I'm so tired that I have so many things to think about every day.

一只耳朵 an ear 两只耳朵 two ears

考虑的英语单词是consider,其读音为 英 [knsd(r)] 美 [knsdr ] .具体释义如下:consider 英 [knsd(r)] 美 [knsdr ] vt.& vi.考虑;把(某人,某事)看作…,认为(某人,某事)如何;考虑,细想 vt.考虑;认为; | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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