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I have a happy family.我有个幸福的家庭. There are three people in it,my father, my motherand I .我家有3口人,爸爸妈妈还有我. My father is a doctor and my mother is a teacher. 我爸爸是医生,我妈妈是老师. At weekends, we often go to the

my bedroom i have a big bedroom. there are many things in it. there is a big desk in the middle of the room. there are some books, a computer, a keyboard and mouse on it. there's a pencil-box and a lamp on it, too. near the desk, there's a bed.

1. Teachers' Day comes on September 10th every year. On the day we usually give I like her very much 望采纳(^ω^)科技英语强手团 为您解答

Unforgettable evening of pyrotechnics In 2008 Lunar New Year 15:00, in the new century opened on the square a long time people forget the other pyrotechnic show. Pretty great. It's early days we came to the plaza of the new century on the road,

My day - 1.I get up at 6 o'clock every morning.2.Then I change my cloth,brush my teeth and wash my face.3.I drink a glass of milk,and eat four slices bread for breakfast.4.I go to school on foot at 7 o'clock every day.5.I do morning exercise with

My Favourite FestivalMy favourite festival is the spring festival.The spring festivalis .But it is nice and clean.I like it very much.望采纳(^ω^)科技英语强手团

My schoolMy school is Primary School.It's in Village,District,City.There are many trees and grass in my school.There are students and teachers in my school.I love

I have a nice house.There are many books in my house. I can read in my house every morning.I can have a rest in my house when I am tired after playing football.I can also play computer in my house.There are toys,basketball and all kinds of story

My mother is very beautiful ,Her eays are big . she has a small mouth .Her hair is long. I like my mother very much!

1、Hello!Dear friend.How are you?Where will you go in winter holiday?The Spring Festival will come soon.Happy new year!你好!亲爱的朋友.你好吗?寒假里你要去那儿?春节很快就要到了.祝你新年快乐!2、There are three people in my | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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