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直译:我母亲不断把我介绍给她认为能做我丈夫的男人.意译:母亲遍寻良家子,已成东床之选 本句应为:My mother is keeping introducing me to men she considers to be prospective husbands.prospective 英[prspektv] 美[prspktv] adj. 未来的; 预期的; 可能的; 有希望的; [例句]The story should act as a warning to other prospective buyers 这篇报道应该对其他潜在的购买者起到警示作用.

我相信,在一个句子:世界上没有树叶一样,没有任何一个人同样的成功之道. 我是一名学生从广雅中学.我周围有许多学生,但我知道我是不一样的.我们都有差异,例如,不同的爱好,不同的面貌,不同的思想,不同的风格等等. . 我相信

1.My friends have never come to see me.2. He is still sleeping.3. He looked out of the the window, it was raining.4. She was cooking in the kitchen when the phone rang.5. He was lying untill his mother came back.

I heard I'll forget. I remember I have ever seen, I did I truly understand.

I think it is very good, because doing so, can save the very many resources, is greatly reduced the education funds, to us, reduce the economic burden of family, especially for poor students. Additional, still can take care of some of the kids can't go to school.

LIly,take your dress away Are these your new shoes? No,it is his What colour are your trousers ? They are grey whose basketball it is? It is theirs

A light brilliant stars shine , the angels how will notice the night's black ? However , that night left , the stars shine and how to keep your . 意思是: 一个灿烂的星光闪耀的光芒,天使怎么会注意到夜的黑?然而,那天晚上,星星的光芒,如何保持你的. 望采纳!!!谢谢

1. Frankly speaking, my English very bad 2. My poor hearing, or even can not understand what you said. 3. Because of conditions, I practice listening and speaking very little, so my poor ability to express 4. I am a bit nervous, I can think about it?

My school it located at urban district center, because around the school is lively, but my school environment actually very peaceful , because its area is big, some very big library, many schoolmates the spare time study in here. in school also some

我的翻译: 1. I study very hard, but I don't get good results. I have too much homework and don't have time to play. 2. My pressure: I have got good marks but I have difficulty in getting on with my classmates. I am lack of communication with my parents. Please help me to find two ways to release my pressure. Thank you.

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