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在职证明最准确的英文:On-the-job certificate is the most accurate accurate 读法 英 ['kjrt] 美 ['kjrt] adj. 准确的;精确的 例句1、It would be strictly accurate to say that he is lazy.说他懒惰是非常贴切的.2、Would it be more accurate

employer: yanbian haitian international travel company, zhanqian street sales departmentemployment: from april 25, 2007 to present

Hereby certificate that Miss XXX, ID No.0000, Passport No. 000, works as a salesperson at the Business Department of my company since January 2012. Her salary is 000 RMB. She was agreed by the company to return to school to handle the

Certification of IncumbencyHereby I certify XXX being employed by our company (公司) / institution (机构). Here by to prove it. Attestor: XXX February 13th, 2014

xxx city xxx Hotel's In-service Certification XXX Hotel is an individual enterprise which provide the services of rooms, Chinese cusine and Sauna. I am writing to certify that Mr xxx has joined our unit since 1996. Mr xxx is a serious and frienly team

This to certify that xxx (passport No.xxxx) has been working since xx, as the xxx(职务) from Feb. 2010 to June 2010, and the xxx from July, 2010. His (Her) salary is xxx Yuan per month.

你的在职证明 有问题你提供的在职证明翻译 It is proved that on the job Old silver China is the old sincere general manager of Industrial Co., Ltd. of Shanghai now, it is the old sincere financial manager of Industrial Co., Ltd. of Shanghai that yellow

incumbency certification 英 [nkmbnsi: s:tfken] 美 [nkmbnsi s:tfken] 【词典】在职证明

在职证明incumbency certification属类:【经济金融】-〖商务术语〗

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