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造句:So you don't embarrass yourself.翻译:你这样就不会让自己丢脸了 拓展阅读 embarrass的各种词义 vt.使窘迫;使尴尬;使为难 vi.窘迫

someone with an umbrella is to keep himself from the heavy rain,suddendly he found a homeless dog.有个人打着伞避免自己被大雨淋湿,突然他看到了一只流浪狗.

你好!embarrass sb :使为难 ;embarrass sb into doing sth :做某事使某人尴尬 如有疑问,请追问.

I have a wonderful day. 我度过了美好的一天 The weather has been wonderful.近来天气好极了!

The receptionist recognized him at once接待员一眼就认出他了.He did not think she could recognize his car in the snow他觉得她在雪天里认不出他的车子.A man I easily recognized as Luke's father sat with a newspaper on his lap.我一眼就认出那人是卢克的父亲,他坐在那里,膝盖上放着一份报纸.

1.The regulations are to be relaxed in the near future.这些规章在近期内即将放宽.2.I need a cup of tea to relax myself.我需要喝杯茶使自己轻松一下.3.It is of great importance to relax the bowels every day.每天使大便通畅是非常重要的.4.It is

1、We carefully watched every detail of his action. 我们仔细观察了他动作的每个细节.2、I backed up carefully until I felt the wall against my back 我小心翼翼地后退,直到感觉后背碰到了墙壁.3、He studied the keyboard carefully, one finger poised. 他仔细研究了键盘,一个手指随时准备敲击.

Finally I went to the cinema last night.

refuse 1. 应用:how can i refuse? 我怎么能拒绝呢?2. 音标:[英][rfju:z][美][rfju:z]3. 词性:v.拒绝; 回绝; 推却; n.垃圾; 废弃物.4. 扩展:第三人称单数:refuses,现在进行时:refusing,过去式:refused,过去分词:refused.

i finally have an opportunity to cooperate with you .我终于有机会和你合作了

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