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tectonic plates (地球表面的)构造板块双语例句 1.In 2007, off the coast of Japan, it became the first mission to study subduction zones, the area between tectonic plates that is the birthplace of many earthquakes. 2007年,在日本沿海,地球号开

Le Pichon(1968)将全球划分为六大板块:欧亚板块(Eurasian Plate)、太平洋板块(Pacific Plate)、美洲板块(American Plate)、非洲板块(African Plate)、印度-澳大利亚板块(Australian Plate)(也称印度板块、印度洋板块或澳大利亚板块)和南极洲板块(Antarctic Plate).后来又把美洲板块划分为北美板块(North American Plate)和南美板块(South American Plate),成为七个板块.现在比较流行的是十二板块的划分方案,除七大板块外,还有纳兹卡板块,科科斯板块、加勒比板块、菲律宾海板块和阿拉伯板块.

Eurasian PlateThe Eurasian plate, shown in greenThe Eurasian Plate is a tectonic plate covering Eurasia (a landmass consisting of the continents Europe and Asia) except that it does not cover the Indian subcontinent, the Arabian subcontinent,

板块维基百科,自由的百科全书(重定向自板块)跳转到: 导航, 搜索全球板块放大全球板块目录[隐藏] * 1 概念 * 2 板块构造学说的历史演进 * 3 板块分布 * 4 板块的边界 * 5 板块的运动 * 6 参看[编辑]概念板块是板块构造学说所提出来的概念.

爱琴海是地中海(Mediterranean Sea)东部的一个大海湾,位于地中海东北部、希腊(Greek)和土耳其(Turkey )之间,也就是位于希腊半岛和小亚细亚半岛之间.南通地中海,东北经过达达尼尔海峡、马尔马拉海、博斯普鲁斯海峡通黑海

Though generally described as several 'separate' oceans, these waters comprise one global, interconnected body of salt water sometimes referred to as the World Ocean or global ocean.[3][4] This concept of a continuous body of water with

1.英文: hawaii (hawaii) is the largest island in the hawaiian islands, and said, is located in the southernmost islands archipelago, have rich volcanic activities, volcanoes national park, the chinese say again volcanic island. island of hawaii county.

没有这个单词,您要找的是不是:somma n. [地质]外轮山somma 英['s m ] 美['s m ] [词典] 外轮山; 例句:It discusses the temporal and spatial distribution, plate tectonic setting and geneticmechanism of the volcanoes and volcanics, and also the recent research of Somma-Vesuvius volcano. 本文讨论了火山及火山岩的时空分布规律、构造环境及成因机理,以及最近对索马维苏维火山的研究.满意请采纳,谢谢!

Area market analysis

Basin (geology) In geology, referring to the basin-shaped warping of underlying bedrock in a region. Or, in sedimentology, a low and usually sinking region that is filled with sediments from adjacent positive areas.Sag (geology)When a piece of

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