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wE will造句

We will be arive我们将到达希望对你有帮助



1 、 we take a bus2 、 we run fast3 、we take a taxi4 、 we eat breakfast fast5 、 we get up now6 、 we hurry up7 、 we walk quickly8 、 we can catch the first bus9 、we can catch the schoolbus

Will he come here tomorrow?他明天将会来这吗?He will leave for Beijing tomorrow.他明天将会动身去北京 Will she go shopping?她会去购物吗?She will go to the mall.她将会去商场.Will they have a meeting?他们有一个会议吗?We will go for a walk.我们将会去散步 Will we have a test?我们将要考试吗 祝学习进步!如有帮助 请及时采纳!谢谢!


We will be arive我们将到达

I will go, provided that you go too. 你也去的话我就去.I will leave you now so that you can unpack. 我这就走,好让你打开行李.I will pay nothing under compulsion. 在强迫之下我分文也不愿付.As to the author of the book, I will hazard a guess. 关

Will 表将来,句型为 Will + 主语 + 动词原形 + 宾语 + 其它.eg.Will you come? 你会来吗? Will he do it? 他会做吗? Will she tell other people

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